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ELBAweb is an interactive system integration platform based on the InterSystems product IRIS that validates, orchestrates, connects and transfers through interoperability processes all data flows between heterogeneous applications. We configure and develop the specifics of this integration system according to the necessary interactions between your applications. We also develop composite applications that allow the production of information from several systems and databases.
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All government offices and companies have a large number of professional books stored in bookcases in different locations. The number of books and their management (inventory and control of loans) requires an easy-to-use web application, in which it is necessary to make a distinction between the references and also who is authorised to manage the books and who is authorised to loan them. This Biblio application also manages the reading of e-books. Its use is quite easy and fits perfectly to your needs.
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GemFin is a Web-based application for controlling, reporting and auditing the finances of public and regional administrations. Zinitrionic Suisse Ltd. has developed the application and its business logic which is suitable for any administration or company. We guarantee the ongoing operation, maintenance and support of this software as well as updates according to legal or business requirements.
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G-Arch is a web-based application that provides an archiving system for legacy data at the e-Government level ( local and regional). For example, data from the succession system and the criminal justice system are used to provide information, follow up on cases and review older document archives. From a security point of view, no more data is processed or modifiable by the users authorised to access this application. We can configure and adapt G-Arch to your archiving processes and data.
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"Data, Reporting, Organisation"

With this application, church administrations have a new software solution available for the collection and evaluation of events (church activities), key numbers (finances) and overall social performance (volunteer work). Users in these institutions can create evaluations, reports and extensive graphics (with export to Microsoft Office) in accordance with their tasks and authorisations..
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The ParePas application enables church institutions to manage the data of their parishes and their employees in a digital way. All information on employees, their function, activity, training, operating costs, etc. is stored in the database managed by this application. The same applies to all infrastructures (churches, presbyteries, temples and other places of prayer). Interfaces and interoperability services are available to integrate the data directly and in a transparent way into various ERP or other management systems..
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Software partners

IRIS Data Platform

is a cloud-based systems integration platform that eliminates the need for multiple technologies, meaning less code, fewer system resources, less maintenance, and a higher return on investment. It facilitates the design of high-performance applications to eliminate data and application silos. The platform provides database management, interoperability between different applications or systems, and analytics capabilities designed to accelerate and simplify the most transaction-intensive applications.
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IRIS for Health

is the development and integration platform for connected health solutions (eHealth). It enables the interoperable exchange of patient data between all entities in the health domain. IRIS for Health provides : - multi-model data management - out-of-the-box tested interoperability - development of FHIR-based solutions - connectivity and integration services - integrated ML (Machine Learning) functionality - available via Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure
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is based on a unified healthcare IT platform. This integrated medical information system allows you to continuously generate added value from your solutions through the development of your own applications or the integration of third-party applications. The HealthShare Unified Health Record offers reliable, high-performance and scalable technology. The key value of this product is Connected Health.
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Developed by librarians and industry experts, LIBERO is the all-in-one library management solution for public, academic, corporate and special libraries. The cloud-based product fully supports the acquisition, management and provision of any print, electronic and digital resources in one place. Reliable, responsive, innovative and secure, LIBERO provides libraries with cutting-edge technologies and integrations that deliver the best long-term value.
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